Green Roots

Once upon a time, a little girl that lived all alone in a cave. She didn’t know the outside world. Some say that this is not how we’re meant to be. Some say this is the only way to be saved.
The only thing that she did all day was playing with her magical lights. She knew where they came from, but she didn’t know it all.  Those lights were the only thing that kept her from an inevitable fall.She didn’t mind being alone, as hope sweetests embraces filled her heart, she was sure that she could go on for endless nights.
Her lights, her lights. They shone so very bright. They moved and made silhouettes, broken little things that she called friends.She bended them with her hands, and they shapeshifted into creatures of the night, of the day; shapes that she dreamed of or shapes never seen before, but they seemed very right. But that’s not how it ends.
Why was hope with her? One day, when left in a curb, this little girl had her little heart broken. Mom needed to run. She left her safe with a whisper that goes a little like this:- “Back soon I’ll be. Don’t let anyone try to set you free. Back soon I’ll be. Try to laugh and to be who you’re supposed to be.”
The curb inside the cave was the only bed she ever knew. The lights that flooded the walls when she woke up were all that she needed to chew. It was a gift from mom to keep her from starvation; water came from the river, lights turned it into food. She became quite a eater, with the green in her skin glistening along with her mood.
Although she lived well, one day, she realised what the lights could tell. They only lived with the touch of her hands, they only spoke when she dubbed them. She felted empty, for all that she knew was made from her bends with her mind. Created illusions with no real sort of gem.
But fear took over her, frightening her every bone; “What waits for me outside? Will I be turned to stone?”
Also, she was in doubt for her mom would come looking for her soon. Or not so soon. Or not ever. Why is she taking so long, seconds seem to last forever.
What to do? “Will I die alone, sitting here in this room?”
So, the imaginable happened: The lights, oh, they shone not like ever before! They started to whisper on their own. They gained life and they moved, swirled across the room, strode over head, and she wish she would never be dead.
– “Open the cave, set us free. We’ll show our friend whom you’ll be glad to meet”
– “What’s his name?”
They said:
– “He has many names. He is the supreme light. He will give you warmth and we, we’ll protect you from the night.”
– “Who is the night?”
– “It’s the envy sister of the supreme light, she is the supreme darkness”
– “I’m afraid, what if mother comes back?”
– “We will show her the way to you.”
Feeling a little better, green-skinned girl, took a step into the unknown. Pushed the stone aside and started to crawl out of her hole. Something was getting warm inside of her. As the dark was getting slowly away, she got happier and felt better, stronger. Ready to live.
And when the light reached a maximum, she saw what she was losing: A world full of green, full of wishes and things to know, with the greatest light in the sky, to fill you with his glow.
No moral was intended out of this but only that is necessary to crawl out of one’s own hole.

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